Outside Patio TV with Soundbar
Picture 1 - Before Install
Picture 2 - Mid Install
Picture 3 - Complete, cable box located in back hidden
Before and After Camera Shots
Skyvue All Weather Outdoor TV- installed on brick
TV install on Stucco - cable box is located in house
Outside Patio TV with Soundbar
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Brick Wall/Fire place Solutions

Thank you for visiting our Brick Wall/fire place Section on our web site. Most of our new Clients were requesting a page to see TV's install on brick fireplaces, Stucco, and brick walls with wires conceal in the brick. Every house is custom so we will have to come to the location to see if it is even possible first. all estimates or Free. pictures you see on this site was taken from jobs completed by our Digital Wire installation team.


TV Installed on Custom Wood Fireplace

Equipment is hidden in cabinet.

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